Thursday, April 10, 2014

Loving Jesus is so gay!

So we all know Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality (although there is the possibility he was endorsing it with the healing of the centurion's slave and his references to eunuchs - but that's another issue).

I'm wondering about Jesus being the object of our love, our passion. We are encouraged to fall in love with him and there are even sexual overtones to the relationship when we look at the metaphor of the Song of Solomon.

These are traditional christian doctrines, in fact doctrine isn't really the right word. Its a natural reaction to how we perceive his love for us. In fact its the emotion of love directed at God.

This is very real for most christians and extreme in many cases. And its sexless. Well, that's interesting, because I know many guys get a bit creeped out by the concept of falling in love with a another guy. I mean, Jesus is absolutely male, and yet christianity's central beliefs will have us falling in love with him, or at least professing that love. You only have to listen to most of the songs in church these days. There's no beating around the bush with them.

Its just so gay! Oh, well, maybe its sexless rather than gay, but Jesus is NEVER portrayed as anything other than male. So women tend to be more emotionally involved with Jesus, and some guys are just fine and don't think twice about it, and some just don't want to go there.

Sure, there's lots of theology you can throw at it, but we are talking about something pretty basic here. We are so conditioned to just accept this that to question it sounds like you are a pervert or something.

Its just interesting isn't it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crises of Faith

The last few years have seen a massive amount of change in my life, not the least of which has been what some might call a "crisis of faith".

If you've kept up with my blogs through this time you can understand some of this process.

When I look back at my entire life journey (which, of course, I'm covering in my absolutely fabulously, stunning and riveting autobiography - coming soon!) there have been many "crises of faith". They have all centred around either my sexual identity or the validity of my spiritual experience in relation to traditional christianity.

In the last 3 years I've finally had the freedom to give as much time and thought to these things as I've needed. This has led to allowing my heart to fully express it's doubts, conflicts, hypocrisy, assumptions and paradigms with no guilt or shame - an absolute freedom to use every faculty God has given me, to think, reason, discuss, and discard,  instead of going with the status quo.

I've always wrestled with the idea that I simply think too much and am not prepared to accept and walk in faith with all the beliefs and doctrines of traditional christianity. So most of the time I put stuff in the too hard basket and left it there, quietly smoldering - for over 40 years.

But now, every aspect of what I (mostly) believed has been unraveled, exposed, questioned, analysed and had the glaring light of integrity and honesty thrown on it.

Basically, christianity doesn't come up to the mark. Its so full of holes in logic, morality, common sense and history that to think its actually plausible is borderline insanity.


If we strip away the horrific absurdities of the Old Testament God: legalism, vengeance, hatred, genocide, misogyny, racism, slavery - you name it, we are left with the basics of what Jesus taught. The writings of Paul, a lot of the time, talk about Jesus providing a way for acceptance, peace, love and joy - for a way to experience love that doesn't depend on us but rather puts the whole onus on God to look after us. Psychologically this works amazingly well, when we consider how many of us desperately need to experience an internalised form of love that comes from an external source because we are incapable of finding that love within us.

So I see the incredible value of the basic tenets of christianity, and if it wasn't for my own belief in them, I would be dead by now - long gone, swallowed by suicidal depression.

But its only a cheap imitation of the vastness, the incredible peace and joy, the experience of love beyond expression, of what awaits us when we break out of that tiny box of religion. Its not just christianity, I talk about that because its the only religion that I've embraced. But all religions face the same dilemma - they have a dogmatic set of paradigms that define "truth", expressed in sacred writings, that severely limit us from experiencing our real identity, and God's real identity and character.

I've said a few times lately that I've had it with christian fundamentalism. But its more than that. I can no longer, in all integrity, embrace any religion as THE truth. To even think that any one religion could possible be the only way to God is the height of ignorance and arrogance.

I can relate and identify with the security people find in various religions, and don't have a problem as such, as long as the fruit of those beliefs are love, joy and peace (mostly love). But lack of integrity is something I really struggle with, and it almost physically hurts me to see people blinded by dogma, and simply refusing to open their hearts to see the bigger reality. I guess fear plays a big part, because the small world of christianity, or any religion, provides a depth of security that is really hard to ignore and let go. But it is only fear, produced by controlling and confining dogma, that stops us from being willing to take that step into the unknown.

I can no longer describe, with any certainty who or what God is, but I do know that I, and all of us are one with him/her, completely infused with God through every atom of our being. I am an expression of God as we all are, and the only road to growth is allowing that unity and expression to "change our minds", to open our eyes to who we really are, and that is mind blowingly awesome.

I've probably burnt my bridges with the last of my traditional christian friends by saying all this. But if their friendship and love is based on acceptance of religious beliefs, then that love is a shallow illusion anyway.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Gay Thing

I've had a rough couple of days.

The World Vision US stand has caused a huge ripple through christendom and has created something of a division. Its almost as if the lines are being drawn and all out war is about to ensue.

I've experienced first hand, the wrath of conservatives over anything pro gay. I've tried to engage in reasonable discussions and look at things a little more objectively. I've been passionate, patient, forceful and downright abusive at times.

Its taken its toll, especially after the last one today who glibly informed me (after I had shared my heart with as much integrity as I know) that my entire life was a farce, a fraud, and I was deluded and full of bull shit.

So here I am sharing some of that pain, and realising that fundamentalist christianity is possibly one of the most evil cults this world has seen.

I have been stunned by the level of blind arrogance and pig headed dogma these people display. Sure I've had run ins with religion most of my life, more so lately. But the "gay issue" is bringing the redneck spirit out of the woodwork for all to see.

The thing is, I'm not sure that christianity as such, has much to do with it, except that it provides an effective cover for personal agendas. These people have found a religious system that supports their personal biases and bigotries, and a book that can be manipulated to support whatever they see fit.

I'm feeling reactionary after all this, but its been stirring for a long time. I hate religion! Yeah, most of us do, but I mean christian religion in all its forms. I mean the traditional evangelical type of christianity. I mean 90% of all churches and the doctrines they preach. I mean those christian books you find in christian shops and christian music they sell in christian concerts and christian conferences full of christians trying to be more christian.

It makes me sick.

At least Islam doesn't beat around the bush, you know where you stand! But evangelical christianity is a snake of subtle deception waiting to suck the life out of you, under the guise of making you a better person. I know there are millions of sincere people in that system who care and love as best they can, so I'm not dissing them.

I'm talking about every doctrine and ideal, theological assumption, traditions, structures, methodologies, all of it. I hate it. Really I do.

I go to a little gay friendly Anglican church every so often. Wonderful loving people. But the service sends me spare! The doctrines they spew out make me cringe. I have to drag myself there and suffer through it all just to spend some time with these beautiful people! What a rip off!

Yeah, maybe I've lost it. Maybe I'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but I don't really care any more. The small amount of real life left in those places isn't enough for me to endorse in any form.

Here's the strange thing though. I can understand and relate to people stuck in that system. I can communicate on that level, and I love the people, I really do! It doesn't worry me where they are or what they believe, I just want to show people the love God has shown me.

But I HATE the traditional church, fundamentalist christianity, religion in all its forms, biblical literalism, bibliolatry, hypocrisy. I loath all the Israel rubbish, prophetic end times gibberish, glory gold dust and gems, healing crusades, worship gatherings... it all makes me want to vomit.

I'm done with it all. Its time to move on and be the real human/spirit that I am.
One with God.

I am.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Living Waters Australia dies!

Awesome news!! 
Living Waters Australia is closing down!!

This is incredible news for me. 

As many of you know, I was part of this "ministry" for around 15 years. To hear its closing its doors in Australia is a huge relief. Please remember that there are some truly wonderful people in this organization who are very loving and genuine. The problem is with the ministry itself, its assumptions and methods, that leave a trail of silent devastation.

Thanks to Anthony Venn-Brown for this article.

Living Waters Australia (LWA), one of the foremost and longest running ex-gay/conversion therapy programs in this country will cease operations next month. Ron Brookman, the Australian director, gave several reasons for his decision in a newsletter to followers last week. Many in the gay community are applauding this move as this means only a handful of these harmful organisations remain.


Andy Comiskey, a 'former' homosexual and founder Desert Stream Ministries, developed the Living Waters program in the early 1980's in West Hollywood to heal the 'sexually broken' (gay men and women). Since that time, his books and methods became dogma for ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy practitioners and organisations around the world. When the leading ex-gay organisation, Exodus International, closed down in June 2013, Comiskey turned on Exodus President Alan Chambers. A small remnant of ministries committed to the 'change is possible' message created 'Restored Hope Network' and Comiskey became a founding board member and chairperson.

Randy Thomas, former vice president of Exodus International, stated in his apology to the LGBTI community that one of his greatest regrets was his promotion of Andy Comiskey and his participation in the Living Waters programs.

Living Waters in Australia

LWA has operated for nearly thirty years. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, the ministry worked out of Christian Life Centre in Waterloo, which would later become the city campus of Hillsong Church. When Pastor Brian Houston took the church over from his father, Frank Houston, in the late 90's the ministry was closed down by Brian because of its ineffectiveness. It was at this time LWA moved to Ramsgate. Under Brookman's leadership, LWA had a degree of growth running groups around Australia and holding conferences. But that has changed drastically over the last decade.

In 2010, Brookman confessed ''There has been a real shift in society lately. We have detected this through responses to Living Waters offerings, we cancelled a conference recently because only a handful of registered. This year we have fewer Living Waters groups and fewer people in those groups. Our leadership training week at Collaroy appears to be hugely undersubscribed'

Ron Brookman continued to preach the 'change is possible' message even at a parliamentary level.
In 2005, when Prime Minister John Howard was planning altering the marriage act to ensure that marriage would always be defined as 'between and man and a woman' only, Brookman shared his testimony as a 'former homosexual' to the large gathering of Christian leaders in Canberra; ignoring the fact that he still has same-sex 'thoughts' as he calls them.

In 2012, before the Senate Same-Sex Marriage Inquiry Rev. Brookman told the committee 'For over 30 years I was homosexual' and that he had experienced a 'transformation of my sexuality to heterosexuality'. Brookman also told the inquiry 'In the last six months I have celebrated the weddings of two ex-gay men who have married beautiful wives and two couples who have given birth to babies who would never have been born had they not transitioned from homosexuality'. These statements have not only been misleading they are also highly irresponsible (read THE SADDEST THINGS ABOUT THIS SITUATION at the conclusion of this article on Situational Heterosexuality)

In 2012, Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International was pleased to announce that two thirds of ex-gay/reparative/conversion ministries had ceased to exist in Australia in the last decade. LWA was one of the few that remained. Rev Brookman has also appeared on TV shows, documentaries and interviewed by the print media, preaching his message that gay men and women are broken human beings and God can change them to straight. His own marriage consistently proclaimed as the evidence. History tells us that the overwhelming majority of these attempts to become straight through a heterosexual marriage fail and there are not 100,000's of ex-gays as has often been claimed by people like the Rev Fred Nile.

Why it's finally coming to an end - reality check

In the LWA newsletter last week Rev Ron Brookman announced his resignation as Director of LWA, effective from 31st March, there will be a Thanksgiving Service on Saturday 12th April where he outline in greater detail the reasons for LWA's demise and that LWA Australia will be completely wound up by 30th June 2014.

The reasons LWA is coming to an end according to the retiring director.

Deficiencies in his own leadership (these are undefined at this stage)
Change in the Church and Christian culture over the last decade
LWA has shrunk to only 3 groups operating in the Sydney area
There is nobody who has been identified, trained, or who is willing to take up leadership of the ministry.
Nor does there appear to be openings to develop the ministry at this time.

Where does that leave us now?

This means that only a handful of ex-gay/reparative/conversion organisations are left in Australia, one of which is Liberty Christian Ministries, which are a part of the crumbling Exodus Global Alliance.

When Exodus International closed down last year Rev Brookman and others declared, in a poorly researched piece in the mainstream press, that the 'Gay cure' therapy will continue in Australia. As I pointed out at that time THESE WERE VERY EMPTY WORDS.

The remaining organisations days are well and truly numbered. WHY? The gay Christian movement grows exponentially, the number or LGBTI welcoming, accepting and affirming churches grows. The vast majority of Australians have an out, proud gay or lesbian brother, sister, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, parent or grandparent, friend or work colleague. And to hear churches or religious organisations label them as sick, dysfunctional and broken is abhorrent, offensive and ignorant.

A Vigil

When LWA is holding its holding its Thanksgiving Service on Saturday 12 April, Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International will be holding a 30 minute vigil in Taylor Square, Sydney, to remember those we have lost through ex-gay/reparative/conversion organisations and because of faith/sexuality conflict and to celebrate those who have survived.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mutual Respect - or not

These days there's a lot of conflict between conservative/traditional christianity and the more liberal/freethinking side.

It's a bit of a generalisation of course, but still worth the observation.

When those with more liberal beliefs present them, its often in a way that is forceful, provocative and challenging. After many debates and arguments the "liberals" get frustrated with the blindness of the traditionalists, and the traditionalists get annoyed at how liberals have twisted things like scripture and theology to their own agendas.

I can understand both sides of that argument.

Traditionalists say that the liberals aren't prepared to listen to their side of the arguments in a balanced perspective and have intelligent respectful debates. So here's my take...

Those who have more liberal beliefs (you know, things like biblical inerrancy, universalism, homosexuality etc), have had to battle through traditionalist thought to get to the more liberal beliefs. They already understand the traditional paradigms. They don't have to sit and listen to endless biblical debates in a balanced discussion, because they have already done it to get where they are now!

The onus is not on radicals/liberals to be balanced, its on traditionalist/fundamentalists to listen!

From my own experience, I've found the moment I express something that conflicts with traditional paradigms it's assumed I have no idea of the "true" biblical perspective or understand the theology and doctrines that have become christianity as we know it today. Basically, its assumed I'm ignorant and just need to be shown the truth.

But I, and nearly all liberal thinkers, are extremely well studied and come to the conclusion we do because of that - not out of ignorance.

So really there is no "balance" needed at all. Sure, we respect everyone and don't abuse them, but the responsibilty is not on the radicals to justify themselves, its on the traditionalists to listen and respect the fact that the radicals completely understand the conservative side already and don't need it explained over and over.

If you can't handle people shouting about hyper grace, universalism, LGBT issues, biblical inerrancy etc, then the problem may well be with you. The onus is on you to listen to those who have been where you are and have seen things differently, not the other way around.


I realise that no one should be disrespectful in all this, and I'm not advocating ramming things down people's throats. There are many older folks and some with simple faith, who simply can't comprehend the whole issue in the first place. 

I'm not advocating arrogance, but trying to get across that traditionalists are making the huge assumption that liberal thinkers need to be corrected by the very thoughts and paradigms that have caused them to question traditional religion in the first place. They hold the position that we just don't have enough knowledge of scripture, good exegesis or correct theology.

And of course, most importantly, this is a generalisation :-)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Christianity "Works", sort of, or at least should...

Jesus apparently said he came for the sick, not the "well" - its only the broken who need mending, the lost that must be found.

So many people at some stage in their life journey, come to the point where they can't find the inner self, the peace, strength, love, joy, to carry on. They discover they are broken and have no way of fixing themselves.

Jesus provides an external reference - a relational, personally identifiable representation of all that is lacking in themselves, and so much more. He is everything we could want to be, all we aspire to.

He provides support and boundaries, love and a sense of "it will all work out ok".

We all need this at some point, and Christianity, in its purest form, meets this need. When we look at the broken (myself included) who have benefited the most from this religion, its simply because they have bypassed the doctrines and theologies of the church, and rested in God's love, stripped of performance, guilt and shame.

But its still part of the journey. Many just rest in this place, and that's ok, but its still the very beginning of the journey. The simplicity and depth of that unconditional love starts to open us up, free from the confines of biblical traditions and religious bondage and manipulation, free to explore the depths of who we are and who God is. He has given us the steps to growth, and the minds and hearts to explore everything that we can conceive.

Nothing can separate us from God because we are part of him and he is part of us. He is intrinsically part of all matter and energy, the source behind and in all that exists. We cannot be "separated" because its physically impossible.

In that simple and secure knowledge we can open our hearts and minds to explore, to look for him in everything - in every way - in whatever manner we choose. Our foundation is secure. When we rest in the unity/union of all things, there is only love - which is the energy that binds everything together.

When we live loved, we can do no wrong, we are no longer part of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" - we are simply love.

So pure Christianity - the basic concept that Jesus is someone far greater than us who can override our hurt and pain, our '"sin" and evil - works because it provides the first step in healing and wholeness. When the religion is removed from Jesus (the traditions, conflicting doctrines, dogmas, bigotry, bibliolatry etc), we see a brother who leads us into a path of self discovery, to show us that "we are one, just as he and the father are one" - one of the most extraordinary statements he made. He, and God, and us, are one. Not similar, not greater or lesser, ONE.

Christianity should be leading us to much higher/deeper/broader places. Places of fearless exploration, recognising God in everything and everyone, cutting through thick layers of paradigms to reveal pure, unconditional love.

Doctrines don't matter. Was he God incarnate? Born of a virgin? Died for sin in our place? Resurrected from the dead? Who knows!! And really, if we make these doctrines the "make or break" for our eternal security, we have completely and utterly missed the point. You can believe them if you want, if they help you find the peace and security you need to grow. But they are a simple starting point, and just one option on the way.

God is so much bigger, so much better, so much more than any one religion can contain.

Live loved!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gay in your face

Most of my friends accept my views on being gay, and those who don't seem to have just disappeared.

Thanks so much to all of you who relate, support, encourage, or even just attempt to understand in the spirit of love we are all part of.
But here's the next challenge:
What if I found a partner? What if I posted romantic pictures? How would you feel if I came round for dinner with a guy?

What I'm trying to say is its great to give verbal support, but when it becomes very "in your face", how does that make you feel? Would you be embarrassed? Feel awkward? Not know what to say?
Believe me, I know that feeling!

But that's where the rubber hits the road. I'm not condemning anyone or guilt tripping you, just the simple fact that at some point, if you are straight and support equal rights in every way for LGBT people, you will eventually actually meet these people (maybe friends who have come out) and have to relate one to one, personally.

I don't know how difficult it would be for many of my friends if I turned up on the doorstep with a "boyfriend", but it could happen.
How would you feel if it was one of your close friends? What if one of your friends said they wanted a gender reassignment (sex change)?

It pays to remember that the latest statistics say that at least 10% of the population is LGBT, and some studies claim up to 15% and more. The only thing that has changed is the silence. It won't go away, no matter how much scripture we throw around, no matter how dogmatic and moralistic we get, no matter what we think the bible says or how God feels about it all, the reality is staring us in the face - There are millions of LGBT people, and they cannot change, no matter what religion says - nor do they need to change!

Live loved.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm a snob

Interesting thoughts that I'm not sure how to present without sounding horribly pretentious and basically up myself. Its very self disclosing and something I'm still processing, even after all these years. Never the less, here it is.

I live and associate within a certain class of peers, those that I perceive as my equals in terms of intelligence, integrity, passions and beliefs.

We all do that, its just what we do as humans. But here's where I simply don't know what to do. In reality, there are "unintelligent" people - those who either don't, won't or can't extend their mental faculties to rational thinking. That's not to say we don't all have our moments (and very big moments) of irrationality and complete idiocy, but there are those who simply seem to lack the ability to be self observant. They can't (to varying degrees) step "outside" their thought processes enough to build real depth of relationship, compassion, empathy and understanding.

On the one level you have the "redneck" mentality that reeks of unbridled bigotry and ignorance at its best. Then you have those who use things like religion to hide behind, and express their opinions and observations in the name of that religion, all with a similar ignorance that is in the category of "don't won't or can't" think for themselves with any level of integrity. Politics is another haven for the ignorant to hide behind.

I would like to assume I'm intelligent, in that I'm capably of thinking reasonably rationally, own my thoughts, have integrity, compassion and the ability and desire to want to understand others. There are many others who I consider far more intelligent in those terms than myself, but I still have a tendency to group myself with the more elite "thinkers" - those who take the time to ponder deeper things, to question, to see beyond the surface images, to challenge the status quo.

I struggle to simply accept that much of the world doesn't have the same abilities. I can't help but be a snob in some ways, because I really do see things differently and take the time to question myself and all around me.

But at the same time I really do have a love and compassion for everyone (mostly, lol), seeing them as struggling with the same things I do, the same life problems. We are all equal, under the same rain that falls on the just and the unjust.

I feel really frustrated that so many people don't seem to understand the most basic concepts of living - relationships, empathy, even common sense. So does this make me better, smarter, blessed or cursed?

I know there are many who feel the same, and many who think they are the same but simply parrot things that sound intelligent (that could be me half the time!). Some times I give up trying to communicate because of the apparent inability of the other to be objective and rational enough.

There are however, very "simple" people, who have an incredible sincerity and integrity, accept their own limitations and extend so much love and compassion that its embarrassing to the rest of us, wherever we are at! But I'm not like that.

I'm not like a redneck. I'm not a mindless consumer. I'm not a sheep. I'm a rebellious thinker. And often it feels like a curse, when it makes me proud and look down on others, and other times a burden of responsibility. Sometimes it would be good to not have to think, but its just who I am. Can't change it - can't stop thinking, observing, pondering.

And worst of all, it feels incredibly arrogant, demeaning and patronising to even express these thoughts! But there it is, now you know!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

To love, or not to love?

That is the question - sort of. Well, not THE question, but an important question depending on the context and what you had for dinner.

With the amazing revelations in recent years concerning God's grace and love, there has been renewed hope for the reconciliation of the church or "body of christ" into the ever elusive unity that the bible states is the one thing that sets us apart - and the one thing that the church, despite 2000 years of trying, has never achieved on any level.

This really sucks, and I'm quite amazed that we have kept on trying for so long, although only halfheartedly, and generally deciding that its only worth bothering to inflict unity through control.

We have had a lousy track record. And it aint getting any better.

So what's wrong with this picture? Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Hmm, guess the church is officially insane, and there is probably more truth to that than I would go into in this particular blog.

Again, it could be something to do with my famous slogan, that is probably sending everyone crazy - yes - paradigms!!

We keep thinking that everyone believing correct doctrines is the bottom line, and that as we accept (read tolerate) those who differ, we can slowly bring them around to these correct doctrines. But if love is the bottom line, which scripture does seem to indicate, then we have a serious problem at the most basic level. Besides what is correct doctrine?


What if our whole concept of church is wrong? What if the horse we are flogging died about 1900 years ago, and is so dead it doesn't even smell anymore - its just a mummified body that's been mutilated beyond recognition?

Perhaps the whole purpose of this recent revelation of grace is to show us that dead horse so we can bury it. But what does that leave us with? First it means that trying to sort out doctrine will never work. But there is so much adherence to doctrine that its like flogging a dead horse (yes I know...) trying to get past it.

To make matters worse, if you try to make love the central issue you have to confront the reality of the dead doctrines and the damage they do. The fruit of doctrines (all doctrines really) may look good to those who benefit from them, but what is the real fruit. You see, the fruit is the defining point, the thing that says love or not love.

When we look at the fruit of every doctrine of the last 2000 years, can we see good fruit? I don't mean the odd exceptions of charity and individuals who just got on with loving, I mean the big picture that sets the church apart so that its known by love?

When we look at the present church, is the fruit really love? Or is it exclusivism, intolerance, dogma, and even now, there are those who have taken "love" and made it a doctrine to be argued and analyzed, manipulated and abused - yet again.

What if real love isn't afraid to confront the "bad fruit", just like Jesus did? What if its actually OK to splinter and tear apart the church because what we think is the church really isn't the church?
What if God actually wants christianity as it is currently displayed and lived, to completely implode, so that love can be free to rise up, unhindered?

I was blocked by an old Facebook friend because of my stance on issues such as hell, universalism and the inerrancy of the bible, all to the tune of "our fathers traditions and the 2000 year old traditions of the church are indisputably the basis for christianity". The absurdity of this statement is mind boggling, especially given his own departure from mainstream traditional beliefs, but for many christians, there is some arbitrary line that must not be crossed, although that line keeps moving!

So in my usual manner I've waffled all over the place, and need to return to the point -

Is it love to continually support a system of doctrines that bears little or no good fruit? Is it love to expose the glaring failings of that system, even if it means challenging the most sacred of its fundamental doctrines? Is love just niceness and tolerance, or is it challenging each other to live with integrity and keep pushing the limits of love without bigotry and traditions blinding us?
Was Jesus loving when he tore shreds off the Pharisees?

In many ways, the lines have been drawn, and although there will be fallout, the world will be a better and more loving place for it.

"Christianity" is dead - but God is very much alive, making sure it stops kicking!